CyberSecurity as a Service

Cyber Security has become an important part for any network Infrastructure across the industry verticals. Be it a small SMB, SME or any Big Enterprises, their business continuity is totally dependent on IT and related infrastructure. This also means IT Security, or Cyber Security as it is commonly known now, has become imperative. Gone are the days of having just a perimeter defence, like Firewall / UTM / NGFW, and some Anti-virus for the end-points were enough. Now you need to have multiple layers across infrastructure parameters and a need to proactively take some preventive measures and upkeep your Cyber Security posture.

As per Gartner’s “Adaptive Security Architecture” Enterprise needs to be in a continuous approach of Policy and Compliance covering the four aspects of “Predict” “Prevent” “Detect” & “Respond”

“Cyber-attacks to be biggest threat to mankind, being even more severe than nuclear attack - Warren Buffet”

Our CyberSecurity services, the one’s which are SaaS based, can be clubbed together to form a very comprehensive CyberSecurity as a Service. This will include continuous monitoring of your critical infrastructure, Audit and Assessment of Critical infrastructure, Phishing Awareness campaigns to empower your weakest security link, The Users, Stronger mail security at domain level (DMARC-DKIM) to curb Spoofing attempts, adopting and implementing Regulatory and/or Security Standard Guidelines. We at Clyst, with our domain expertise can play a big role in your never ending bout against an impending Cyber Attack.

Manage Detect & Response

The conventional methods of just implementing Security solutions and just forgetting about it doesn’t help in this world of innovative Cyber Attacks, as Hackers trying to work around any new Technology and getting successful sometimes. As they say, you need to defend continuously and they just need one successful attempt.

The term MDR has evolved just like the attacks of Hackers have evolved over the time. MDR was used mainly for Critical asset monitoring and response mechanism, and now with End-point solutions evolving into an EDR and XDR, the scope of an MDR has become very wider and needs integration with your End-point based

Detection and Response mechanism. And with so many Vendors, or OEM’s, some coming up with unique Point Solutions and some well established ones coming with their own versions of MDR, EDR and XDR adds to the confusion as well as overlapping of certain features of one Security Solution with another.

This very fact proves that a Service driven approach, where an expert driven CyberSecurity provider like Clyst, can come handy and give you the right direction for your Detection and Response taking into consideration your existing infrastructure.

Firewall – Network Audit

Talking of the basics of preventive security is to get the Assessment done for your critical infrastructure. To ensure your guard is not down because of some unknown vulnerability in your Firewall or Network elements. Firewalls are prone to mis-configurations, and as per Gartners, earlier in 2020, 90% of Security breaches will be due to Firewall misconfigurations, not anyflaw in the Firewall itself. And by 2023 they predict it to be 99%.

“Through 2023, 99% of firewall breaches will be caused by firewall misconfigurations, not firewall flaws.”

This only points to one clear requirement, and regular Audit, not just a vulnerability scan, but weak configuration Audit by experts, with knowledge of WHAT, WHY & WHERE of Firewall.

From our personal experience, we have seen SMB’s and SME’s Firewall are almost 40% non-compliant. Meaning they are not removing old rules, they create temporary security exceptions which are left behind giving a red-carpet welcome for attacks. We highly recommend Enterprises to do Firewall Audits once every quarter, and Network Audits semi-annually just to maintain good static security posture.

Security Assessment

Security Assessments, or as they are most commonly known as VAPT, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, by many Regulatory bodies trying to imbibe a Security culture in organisations under their purview. Most of the guidelines on Data Security Standards talk of getting a Security Assessment done for the entire Network.

Unfortunately, for many this has just become a Checklist Compliance and nobody really cares what the remediation or mitigation action one needs to take.

At Clyst, we are committed to provide Reports which are more Remediation driven, as even a smallest of Vulnerability with a strong exploit likelihood is dangerous to leave exposed. Our USP is our expertise in understanding these reports, not just making the reports, and giving right guidance for closure of high risk vulnerabilities.


Governance, risk and compliance is the right approach to counter a full blown future threat to any organisations. All the Small to Large Enterprises investing their time, energy and hiring expertise in a Compliance oriented activities pays a very rich dividend in a longer run.

ISO27Kx, FISMA, HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS are some common and well know Standards, some specific to Data security, and some covering a much bigger aspect of overall governance and operations of an organisation.

The Cyber Security aspect of any compliance revolves around well-known IT practice and Standard operating procedures of IT Team. How they handle critical Servers, its maintenance, to how a new User in network is assigned IT assets and username creation, storage maintenance and so on.

We at Clyst have expert, certified consultants with whom we work, and our strength is in getting these Policies implemented in its authenticity. Being around and working with many BFSI clientele who fall under Regulators like RBI, SEBI, IRDA in India, we can definitely consult each and every organisation on the basics to maintain and upkeep any Compliance Certification.

Policy Implementation

Strict adherence to any Compliance, the Finance, Governance as well as IT/Data policy is most important. All the standard regulatory as well as country specific or global Data Security standards have some very common guidelines to be followed. You may not be able to implement all of it as a team due to resource scarcity as well as lack of knowledge and skillset.

In fact, few guidelines does suggest that certain activities need to be done by a 3rd party. Well, that’s where we chime in, with all our expertise and Industry vertical experience. We can be MAKER or CHECKER, or both. As we are Solution orientated company and mitigation, remediation and implementation is our forte. Leave such things to the experts !